Saturday, September 9, 2017

Working On The Greenhouse

     Although I have begun making cuttings here, I can't begin making cuttings at the new location until I get it cleaned up a bit.  Michael had a great deal of inventory and I needed to wait while enough of it sold so he could begin making room for me in the greenhouse.
     And as you can see, first I need to clean!

   So I got a shovel and a metal rake and got to work!

     This is one of four areas I was able to clean up!
     The next photo is to show you why I need tables, this is not the conditions I would want to grow cuttings in, or sow seed, and especially not fern spore.  Opps!  Did I say fern spore??  Yes, that was what I grew when I first got into horticulture.  I had an acre of fern greenhouses and I would like start a few native varieties.  But to do ferns, you need a clean area because everything else, such as moss and algae, grows faster than fern spore do!

     I moved a lot of boards outside today!
     And then I brought in two shelves I got out of storage and was thrilled to see that my trays fit into them with room to spare.  Imagine these full of new cuttings and then these shelves wrapped in a breathable cloth while they root.  

     Now I am thinking that I need to buy about twenty of these shelves and reduce the number of wooden tables to build.
     What do you think?

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