Saturday, September 16, 2017

Have You Even Heard Of A Favicon?

You know how when you go to a lot of websites, especially for well known services or businesses, next to their web address, there is a tiny little logo?  For example, Blogger has a B with an orange background.  And when you save that website to your bookmarks, that same tiny logo shows up next to their web address.

Well, I was wondering how they did that!  And as you might imagine, since I didn't know what that was called, it was not simple to just google it.

But I eventually not only found out what they are called, but how to add one to the website.

Now I need to decide what that tiny logo should  be!  I would like a fuchsia flower with enough color definition to show up as a fuchsia.  And I'd rather use one of my photos than use an drawing.  So I have come up with four possibilities and I am wondering which one you would choose if you could.  If you would like to help me decide, you can leave me a message on the facebook page for PedricksCorner here:

Here are the four I am considering so far.  The finished image can only be 32x32 pixels, so I have already made these pretty small and they are going to be even smaller.

I am kind of partial to the first one, which is 'Party Frock' because it is the fuchsia on my websites banner.  But the third one, 'Duchess of Albany' has very nice contrast that will show up in an itty bitty favicon.  What do you think?

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