Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Tomorrow I will be shipping one of my biggest orders yet from my little budding nursery out in Corralitos! I grow a beautiful plant which is a little hard to find called a Brazilian Plume Flower. Or Justicia carnea 'Huntington.' In our area, it blooms almost all year round.

Here is a photo of my original stock plant in January of 2007. Yes, January!

I found this when it was just a little scale covered twig in a six in pot on a table in the back of an old nursery up in Santa Rosa that was going out of business. The leaves were burnt and it was barely recognizable, but I knew what it was and I had been looking for one of them for many years.
Now 15 rooted cuttings are off to Arizona!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Learning Curve

Yes, it has been a while since I've worked on this! I just learned to add a new gadget that will let me list my favorite websites.
Listing the first two involves alterior motives! Daves Garden is where I list the products currently available from "Pedrick's Corner." The Cross Stitchers Club is one I just joined so I could get free patterns to use on the measuring charts I am making for friends and family.
To get the free patterns, I have to earn points. Like the pattern I just downloaded for 10 points. And I earned the 10 points just by adding them to my favorites on my web browser. Now that I have added them to my blog, I will get another 30-50 points, I forget how much.
And I will get even more points if anyone I know joins....... But only if you love to cross stitch as much as I do!! Or you see a pattern you think I should embroider for you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My First Camera

I won a camera when I was eight, by telling a riddle on the Mayor Art Show. It was on channel 2 in the San Francisco Bay Area, before cable! My dad and my brother were so excited that I had been invited to be on the show, that they primed me for weeks ahead of time with riddles to tell Mayor Art. If he didn't know the answer, then you got the prize of the day.
I was so stunned when he picked me out of the audience, that all I could think of was, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" A riddle I knew he knew and everyone knew!! So I was even more shocked when he pretended not to know the answer and I won the camera!
That was 1965 and I have been taking photos ever since. This is one of my favorites. My family had come to visit me where I was a live in nanny for three smalll children in Fremont, CA. At the same time, I was a full time college student with a Biochemistry major.

Honesty Is Best

Just a disclaimer here, ha, ha. Those of you who know me probably suspect that the photo I have posted of myself must be from long ago..... Well, not THAT long ago, just 22 years.... I don't look quite the same anymore. My hair is a bit greyer, and I'd love to be that thin again. I am working on it.
When I get a recent photo I consider not to be that bad, I will post it, I promise.
Meanwhile, I think I will add one of my most favorite family portraits.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nothing Much

I have been wanting to start a blog ever since I first heard of them. I don't have much time today to say much. Hopefully I will soon and all of friends and family can check up on me anytime they like.