Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Forgot!

Would you believe I have been so crazy busy 24/7 that I completely forgot about my blog!? I did! But things are beginning to calm down now and I have tons of photos to post of new additions to the collection.

Which currently stands at 197 varieties!!

Plus, right about the time of my last post, Pedricks Corner made it onto the Top 30 list of the Garden Watchdog at!!

That is a major accomplishment. The Garden Watchdog is a list of over 7,100 plant nurseries.

I am so very, very honored.

And although I cannot use the company name or website at EBay. I am thrilled to have earned my first yellow star there for positive feedback from customers.

2010 has been a very good first year for Pedricks Corner and I am truly grateful. :-)