Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mystery of the Vanishing Hummer Food

I kept coming home to a hummingbird feeder that was half empty in the middle of January and I couldn't figure out why until tonight! If it was spring time and a bee guard was missing, I would have suspected Orioles.....

I know this video is grainy and sideways (tying to hide from the culprits), but if you look closely, you will understand where all of the hummingbird food is going every evening.

I have kept a hummingbird feeder here for years and seen many broods raised and fly off. So it could be that these are all related and stopping by on their way through. Who knows!? All I know is that I counted 10 at the very least, maybe even 12. When they weren't at the feeder, they were either hovering next to it, zipping by, or sitting in the branches of the bare trees to wait their turn!

It was a mix of males and females, so I was very surprised that my resident male wasn't even trying to defend his territory like he usually does. Like I mentioned, maybe he recognized them as family. Or maybe there were just too many of them.

I can't wait to see them all at it again!