Sunday, March 3, 2013

Severe Damage From Deer and Freezing

It made me terribly sad today to have to delete all of the PayPal buttons from my website for Pedricks Corner.  Two winters of freezing weather and a year and a half of trying to keep the deer from eating everything has cost me almost every stock plant.  What little inventory is left must be kept in order to replace the lost stock plants and attempt to create a new inventory.
If most of them make it, I will have almost 300 varieties.
But right now, I am waiting to see what will come back up from being frozen to ground level or eaten to ground level by the deer.
A new enclosure has been built.  So although I will not be able to demonstrate how huge upright fuchsias can get for at least another year or so, I hope to at least keep the collection alive and add to it.
And hopefully sales from my lavender wands will enable me to have the time available to spend on planting a new inventory of fuchsias for late this summer or spring of 2014.