Saturday, March 16, 2019

PedricksCorner Needs a Greenhouse

I've never really needed a greenhouse before because the hardy upright fuchsias don't need one.  Even the cuttings just need shelter from the elements for a short period of time.  But when I moved the nursery out here to my current location 7 years ago, I had no idea I'd be dealing with freezing temperatures in the winter, grazing deer that can take down flimsy plastic fencing, gophers eating right through the bottoms of black plastic pots, squirrels digging in pots to bury acorns and dislodging plant labels, and now rats. 

To finally get the nursery rebooted this spring, I have sowed all kinds of flower and vegetable seed to get the ball rolling while it was still too cold to make cuttings.  When I transplanted most of the seedlings outdoors onto shelves, the rats discovered the sprouting sunflowers and loved them so much that they destroyed almost everything looking for more!!

So I need a small greenhouse.  One to start and then maybe a few more side-by-side.  And I can get one big enough for the seedlings for just $300 right now.  If I had $300...
This little greenhouse is 6 feet by 8 feet.  The perfect size to get started and it even has a sliding door.

Help!!  Please share this post, tell a friend who loves fuchsias, or anyone who loves lavender!  Because selling items I've made from lavender is the means by which I am funding the renewal of the nursery.

And I've opened a new Amazon Handmade shop to sell my lavender items for everyone who hasn't heard of Etsy yet or just prefers to use Amazon.  Free Shipping!