Thursday, May 31, 2012

White Wonder 2012

'White Wonder' also made it through the winter with almost no damage.  I was concerned because this is one of the slower growing upright fuchsias.  All the dead branches you see behind it belong to the F. boliviana which froze to ground level!  But if you look in the bottom left of the photo, you will see large furry green leaves.  Those are the new shoots coming up out of the ground from the base of the F. boliviana.
I can't tell you how relieved I was to see for myself how fuchsias can recover from being frozen to ground level.  It is also already producing flower buds and I will be making cutttings soon.
Now I can cut all of those dead canes off of it.  But I wanted to be able to take a photo of them with the new growth first.
Meanwhile, I am certainly also very happy to see 'White Wonder' doing so well!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'Preston Guild' 2012

Some of you will recognize 'Preston Guild' as the upright fuchsia I use for my logo!  I love the combination of white and purple/blue and the simple yet abundant flower form.
Here it is busting out all over for spring 2012.  Proving itself to be winter hardy as well as heat hardy.  I have it growing in a number of locations and it does excellent in all of them.  This year I will be using it as a new shade hedge for areas I need to protect tender young starts.  It is going to look beautiful!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Sale Via New Website!

'Sister Sister' was the first sale from the new website!  It is one of the stock plants which didn't suffer any damage this winter and has just recently been put into the ground here at the new location.  So I am really looking forward to seeing how big she can get.
Sorry folks, the customer bought all of them I had available!  Don't worry though, many more are on the way.

In regards to the stock plants which suffered the worst damage.  They were closer to the road and I believe it was the combination of cold weather and the wind chill from passing cars which caused the damage I will be showing here in the future as those ones regrow.  I took photos of the frozen victims so I could also show them coming back.  The majority of the ones which faired the best, were either close to or under a huge oak tree.  But then there were those like 'Sharkie' and 'Seaforth' to name a few, who were out in the wide open, planted deep in the ground, that never had any damage at all!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Updating Website With Current Inventory

Finally got the inventory done so I can move on to getting the photos of the fuchsias onto the new website along with the PayPal buttons so people can place orders.
That is the focus for today and until it is done.  This is a one person operation and there is much to do!
It is a limited inventory due to the move last year and all of the damage from this winter.  Many of them needed to be reserved to replace lost stock.  But I am hoping people will bear with me and place orders.
As soon as the website is all up to date, the focus will be planting a new inventory with over 250 varieties!!

For now, I am not going to put the Lavender Wands onto the website, as the inventory on those are getting low and they can all be found on at my "Pedricks" store.  All the long stemmed English Lavender here is in full bloom and I can't wait to start making them again!  But I must wait until the flowers are done blooming, have begun to dry a bit, and the stems are firm enough to become a wand.  This year I have a few new colors of ribbon to work with, like 'plum', 'fuchsia', and 'wine'.  :)

Tennessee Waltz

'Tennessee Waltz' is another one of the stock plants which made it through the winter with no damage.  It is not out in the full sun all day like most of the others yet, as it is still in a large container.  I love the two tone aspect of the "skirt" on this one.  It gets even better as the flowers open up more!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

City of Pacifica

Here is 'City Of Pacifica' proving that upright fuchsias planted in the ground can handle growing out in the full sun just fine!!  She not only made it through the winter that froze so many others, she is already covered in a mass of flower buds and open flowers.

Monday, May 14, 2012

May 2012 New Beginnings

I am going to try and post here more often.  As well as on our Facebook page.  It has been getting most of my attention :) and I need to remember to share updates here in the blog.
All of the stock plants are finally beginning to bloom and I am hoping to replace all of the previous photos with new ones from here, the new location for Pedricks Corner.
It was a difficult move.  What the gophers and deer didn't eat, froze!  So the current inventory is a bit thin.

And it was necessary to build a new website myself using DreamWeaver CS5.5 because Microsoft Office Live is shutting down.  A very time consuming process, since I had to learn a great deal first.  And am happy to say that the new website is up and running!  The old one is still functional, but not for long.
Meanwhile, I am determined to get an inventory done, and all of the new PayPal buttons put onto the new website asap.
                                           This is a recent photo of 'Jack Sieverns' who has proved he is a vigorous upright!
I hope people will assist a small one person enterprise move forward with an order of lavender wands, cineraria's, or Jerusalem Artichoke plants in the meantime.  Thanks!