Friday, October 12, 2012

All That Can Be Made This Year

All the lavender wands that can be made this year are done!
There is no more lavender which can be used to make these.  Until late July of next year!
I wound up using 25 colors of double sided satin ribbon this year when I wanted to stick to just 12.  But several customers persuaded me otherwise!  Not all of the colors are available in all four sizes though.
The long stems needed for the large and huge sizes are not easy to come by.  So I tried to reserve those long stems for the colors I felt most people would want.
I happily encourage people to purchase more than 10 at a time because if you look at my store called "Pedricks" you will see categories.
And there is a "Wholesale Wand" category which gives you  a whopping 50% off if you buy 10 at a time!

Yippee, I can cook with onions, peppers, and garlic again without fear of ruining the lavender!!