Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Blatant Bribery - First 10 to complete the instructions win a free Real Lavender Filled Pendant

If you live in the United States (sorry, this is a freebie and I can't afford to ship to you otherwise) and would like to earn a "free" Real Lavender Filled Pendant like the ones shown, then read on!

Here are the instructions:

1.  Write me a note via Etsy to tell me you intend to try for one of the ten free pendants I will be giving away to the first ten people who complete all the steps.

      Here is a link to my Etsy store:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/Pedricks

      I also have an EBay store, but that one doesn't count for now.

2.  Then you need to like/follow on Facebook, both the ArtisansOfAmerica page:

      And the PedricksCorner page:

3.  To qualify, you will need to both like and share the next 15 posts to either page or both.  Only posts made by the admin to these pages count.  Not comments or other posts (just in case I haven't done a good job of blocking that).

     Just liking a post only counts as one, just sharing only counts as one, liking and sharing counts as two.  You will need a minimum total of thirty points to win a free pendant.

     Yes, I will be able to see when you do and I will keep track so that the winners can choose which lavender filled pendant they would like to receive.  I will write you via our convo's on Etsy to tell you if you are one of the first ten.  Unless you'd like me to announce it on the Facebook page for PedricksCorner.
      Please be aware that two or more people might want the same pendant.  First response wins.

4.  To earn extra bonus points, Google the term "Lavender Filled Pendant" until you find my pendants on Etsy and then share your results via a convo with me on Etsy or by pinning it to your Pinterest board.  Let me know when you have done this so I can like and follow your Pinterest board.
     You are welcome, encouraged, to do this more than once and I will count each time but no more than once per day.

Why am I doing this?  Because I want to grow fuchsias again.  And this is never going to happen unless I can sell enough lavender to "buy" myself the time to do it.  These lavender pendants have the potential to open my store to a whole new market of customers looking for jewelry.  Specifically, jewelry that doubles as a scent diffuser.  Diffuser Jewelry is actually a valid search term!

Here are a couple of my pendants, they are an entirely new idea.  No one else is making them.  And I will be adding one to two per day to my Etsy store until I have them all listed.  Even Christmas ornaments :)