Sunday, September 3, 2017

Loading Up The Website With Photos

It has been a very hot few days here!  The internet has been down often or very slow.  But my heart goes out to Texas and all they have been enduring.  I was born in mid Texas and would love to see it again someday.

Meanwhile, I have been adding photos tonight to the upright fuchsia pages in the D-K section.  I don't have photos for each one yet, but I have most of them.  Here are two of my favorites!

Doctor Mahoney is a huge upright that towers above me with his big dark reddish purple leaves and long dark orange tubular flowers.  This was one of the first uprights I put into the ground here when I first moved the nursery here.  I was so excited because I knew this could be a big one and I wanted to be able to show people how big he could get.  But I almost lost him.  I dug up what looked like nothing and coddled him for a year or two before he suddenly took off.  Now he is in a 15 gallon planter and is headed up into the oaks behind him.

And the other is Iced Champagne.  A beautiful bush with vigorous upright growth.  I would have been so sad if I had lost her.  I think I did lose Alaska, but at least I have her and Annabel!

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