Sunday, February 7, 2021

Winter Bloomers

Here it is February 2021 and these winter warriors are still blooming out in the cold of zond 9b.

Monday, January 18, 2021

If All Goes Well, Fuchsias Will Be The Focus This Year


     If all goes well, then this just might be the year that I am able to finally get all of my fuchsia stock growing well enough to make and grow cuttings from all of them.  For the last ten years, all I've been able to do is pretty much just try to keep them alive while I worked jobs and grew lavender to raise funds for the fuchsias. 

    Selling lavender has proved to be a huge waste of time now that all e-commerce sites have become all about what thousands are searching for and one of a kind or unusual items few people know about are lost completely.  I have had to waste far too much time trying to get my lavender wands noticed.  So much time that in the end, I don't make any money on it.  In fact I lose money after all of the fees, shipping, advertising, etc.

    I do love growing lavender and using it to make all sorts of things.  But practically everyone with a lavender bush or two sells lavender sachets.  Which is why I have always made a practice of just giving them away along with every invoice.  

    So from now on, I will make a few lavender wands in the summer, as it is something I hope to continue to be able to do way past my retirement when that day comes.  I have always hoped my lavender wands would be established enough by then that I could depend on them for a bit of extra income by then.

    The focus this year must be growing blooming perennials such as fuchsias.  I do love fuchsias and it has always been my hope to preserve as many of the upright heirloom hybrids as possible.  

    Meanwhile, I do hope that the lavender will sell itself somehow and redeem itself by paying off the funds invested in that effort and maybe even help fund growing the fuchsias.

    The fuchsia shown above is 'Annabel' and is in full bloom right now in mid-January of 2021.  She is benefiting from the radiant heat of one of the windows here and I can see her from my desk.  Along with about 15 other varieties I have put on a shelf high enough to be even with the window.

    And of course this also means I get to watch the hummingbirds up close while I am working on my computer!  Even a Ruby Crowned Kinglet has come by to look under each leaf for insects.

    All of the streptocarpus are doing well too and I hope to begin making cuttings of the ones I chose to keep as stock plants.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Christmas and Holidays Sale! 40% Off All Lavender Pendants

I had a wonderful time creating all of these handmade lavender filled pendants from the lavender I grew, but since they are a unique item, they are not something that has sold well on the internet.  Internet sales are driven by what people are searching for.  

And they don't search for what they do not know exists.

Each one of these is filled with dried lavender flowers woven into these tiny baskets with double-sided satin ribbon.  There are about ten of them which I made in multiplies of five, but most of them are each one of a kind.  They can be worn as pendants, hung in a window, or like the one I made for myself, hung in your car.

If  you visit my Etsy shop, you will see that all of the individual ones are on sale.

If you would like to stock your brick and mortar shop with a few of these for the holidays, then I have a listing there that gives you 55% off for sets of 5 of your choosing.  Write me via Etsy if you are interested because there are some listings I would need to renew if you want to see them all.

Last but not least, some people who've purchased some of my Wholesale Gift Sets know that they get a surprise in their package!  A free one of my bookmarks made the same way as the pendants, or sometimes even a pendant.

Please help me move these guys, if they are not up your alley, then maybe you know someone who would like them.  The lavender inside will last for many years.  I even seen a photo of a lavender wand with the caption that it still smelled like lavender after 40 years!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Friday, October 23, 2020

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Purple Blanket Stitch Streptocarpus

Isn't it cool how the colors in so many flowers highlight their veins?  One person remarked that the edges of this one looked like it had been blanket stitched.


Friday, October 16, 2020

I Have Realized Almost All Have Seven Stripes

As I attempt to tell them apart and not post the same one twice, I have come to realize that all visible throat patterns have a pattern of seven.  Two, three, two.
Bear in mind as I post these, that I need to decide which ones to keep and then propagate from leaf cuttings.  Breaking my wrist in July was a huge set back, because there are hundreds of itty bitty ones that have been waiting all summer for me to tease them apart and transplant them.  At the moment, it is so hot, they'd fry from the shock.  I hope to begin soon though.  As room in the greenhouse for the winter will be a premium and who gets to stay and who has to make it outdoors remains to be seen.  
And not forgetting the fuchsia cuttings!
  I really like this one!