Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Baby Fuchsia boliviana's

These babies are just a week old.  They herald a new beginning for Pedricks Corner this year.  Stay tuned for updates! 

Meanwhile, I am working on a whole new updated website.  You will be the first to know when it is up and running.  Thanks!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Will There Be Fuchsias? I hope so!

I am sincerely hoping that I get to start making fuchsia cuttings again soon this year!  I may not have as many upright varieties as I had hoped, but my main goal of furthering the interest in growing upright fuchsias which have the ability to live over 100 years, goes on!

Right now though, I have to continue to focus on making a living if I am to have any hope at all of doing that.  And I need help.

Please visit this new website and please click through to the stores and to my lavender stores on EBay and Etsy.  Lavender and ceramics is how I hope to finance a new start and even just clicking through helps build traffic.  Like a path, the more it is traveled, the wider and better defined that path is.

And hopefully, I will be able to help those around me as well!
Please click on this link to Artisans Of America!  Like the Facebook page.  Follow it on Pinterest!

These guys down below, are waiting for me to come make cuttings!