Monday, July 31, 2017

Michael's Fuchsias Galore & Exotic Begonias

I just added Michael's complete inventory to three new web pages for him onto my main website:
Which I have been working on as fast as I can!
Here are Michael's new pages, and I sincerely hope you take a look.  His main page includes a link to the website of the location of his nursery inside Alladins Nursery & Gift Shop on Freedom Blvd in Santa Cruz County.
Michael's Fuchsias Galore

Michael will be retiring in mid September and it is my goal to help him sell his entire inventory!  As well as raise the funds to purchase as much of it myself as I can so I can continue in his foot steps in the same location.

How exciting is that!?  Of course I will be growing hanging basket fuchsias now besides the uprights I love so much.  But if I can buy at least one each of his inventory, then I should have almost 800 varieties available going into 2018.  Most of all though, I will finally have a location which is open to the public!

Today I am going to begin photographing his inventory and if you check the website on a regular basis, you will see the photos of all the varieties as I add them.  Including the begonias.

I confess that I have always wanted to collect and grow the cane begonias.  Many of which can grow much taller than I am and are stunning when they are in bloom.  Wouldn't you like to see those?

Well then, please help us both out and it will indeed happen.  Thank-you so much!!

Here is White Wonder, a vigorous upright fuchsia.  Looking forward to making my dream of showing people again, how big upright fuchsias can be.

Monday, July 24, 2017

New PayPal Button On The Site!

    Yes, finally, after years of working to get back to having fuchsias for sale and keeping the collection of uprights alive for this day, today I put the PayPal button for direct sales from the website back up for F. boliviana.
    How else am I ever going to afford to buy a new ice-cream machine so I can make fuchsia berry ice-cream!?  I have been cooking them into a yummy syrup for weeks now and putting it onto vanilla ice-cream and even pancakes.  But I have been wanting to make ice-cream with the berries since forever.

     I have also noticed that the berries of Fanfare are huge and a beautiful pink color, so I cannot wait to try them.  But first I need to harvest them for seed and grow them, as this vigorous upright fuchsia not only has beautiful long tubular flowers, it appears to be very mite resistant.  A winner in my book!

Here are my pancakes!

And here is Fanfare

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fuchsia boliviana seedlings New Ad ready to go!

I put them onto Etsy first and will be adding them to the website in the next few days.  I wanted to ad the videos of the hummingbirds visiting the flowers, but haven't had time yet to edit them.
Here is a link to the ad: Fuchsia boliviana

Because of the time of year, you will be purchasing at your own risk.  They might arrive damaged, depending on where you live.  But upright fuchsias are very hardy and ought to recover even if during the three days or less in transit means they sat on out in the heat somewhere.

Here is a photo of the babies!  Please visit the ad even if you don't plan on purchasing right now.  I have about 600 of them and another batch is up and will be ready by the cooler weather after the heat wave in the fall.  If you live in Zones 9-11, you'll be fine.  Or you can over winter them indoors in a window that gets full on sun.