Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mini Rose

'Mini Rose' is another little cute one! And another one of the new additions to my collection which I am so looking forward to seeing grow into bushes next spring. These small leaved and small blossomed upright fuchsias often prove to be the ones that turn into large bushes covered with flowers. Don't forget, once this alphabetical list is complete and the missing ones from my collection are filled in, I will be starting over with photos of them all as bushes. Along with more information on each one. Such as reported heights and weather tolerances. I haven't done this yet, because the information available can sometimes be misleading. For instance, a test garden farther north of this location, is going to have shorter bushes than one farther south. Northern test gardens are usually testing for cold tolerance and southern ones for heat tolerance. I hope to provide a middle ground.
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