Monday, December 14, 2009


'Lycioides' is actually a different species than the vast majority of hybrid cultivars avaliable out there. So the name should actually be listed here as 'Fuchsia lycioides' since it's name is not a "common" name. And it also happens to be the only known species in it's "Section." Species of fuchisas are divided into 12 Sections. The flowers are small, but so red! And it loves the full summer sun! Which makes it a favorite of the resident hummingbirds. In the evening, they are usually competing over it for their last sip of the day. It grows tall and developes a trunk over the years. Occasionally, it will suddenly defoliate for no apparent reason. Some fuchsias are native to tropical areas where the dormant season is a dry season, not a severly cold one. And some of those lose their leaves for a short period of time, just like many of our fruit trees do in the winter. But as soon as Lycioides loses it's leaves, it is growing them back, so no worries there. The other quality of Lycioides I enjoy the most are it's berries. They are smaller than a blueberry, but almost black. They remind me of Black Currants and they have a wonderful raisin like flavor to them. Since this fuchsia has such an abundance of blooms, I can usually pick the berries by the handful and enjoy them while I make the rounds.
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