Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lottie Hobbie

'Lottie Hobbie' is one of those I thought I didn't want to grow. Like 'Amber Rose' and 'Galfrey Lye,' the foliage is very fine and I assumed it would be weak and/or difficult. A friend gave me cuttings when I requested some from their mystery fuchsia bushes. They had told me about two very old fuchsias in their yard for which they had no names. I was very dissappointed when I saw the cuttings I was brought. But I planted them anyway.
Now I am really taken with this one! It has proved to be one tough bush! The flowers are so tiny and it had just begun to bloom when I took this photo. Then the freeze hit here and it is still under a protective blanket along with many others, so I am not sure how it faired. Some of the ones which weren't covered, were burned in the freeze. I do know though, that it made it throught the summer heat wave without a single blemish! Tiny leaves are often an indication that a plant is able to withstand hot weather and/or cold weather. Just as needle-like and fleshy leaves are.
This one would make a terrific clipped hedge, topiary, or bonsai.
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