Monday, May 30, 2022

Is It Summer Yet?

 The new crop of lavender is growing really fast this year!  It is only the end of May 2022 and a few flowers have already opened and there is a wonderful blue/lavender blush to all the long stems.  Hinting at the coming blooms. 

  I think I might be able to begin making new wands at least a week or more sooner than the usual last week of June!

  Meanwhile, for those who need some lavender right now, I would be happy to send you a set of my Jacquard ribboned large wands as I still have a few left.  Visit my Pedricks on Etsy shop and take a look at all of the beautiful Jacquard ribbons I use.  Many are vintage, so I can only make one or two of each one.  Write me there if you are interested in stocking your gift shop and we can discuss a discount.

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