Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Lavender Is In Full Bloom Again

Yes!  It is that time again.  Time to start making lavender wands as fast as I can all summer long.  As it is too hot in most areas to ship live plants.  But the fuchsia cuttings are all doing well and I hope to have a great inventory ready to jump into next spring of 2020.

Meanwhile, it smells wonderful in here.  The heady scent of buckets of fresh lavender!
This year I am retiring three colors and adding three colors.  I will still have black, brown, and pastel yellow ribbon for those who choose them for custom orders, but for production, I will be adding a wonderful new blue called Tornado Blue, a Mint Green, and a pastel Baby Blue.

I hope you take a minute to visit my Etsy shop:  Pedricks
Or my new Amazon Handmade shop which even has a large chunk of my inventory
ready to go as Prime:  Pedricks
And for those who prefer EBay:  lavenderwandsandpedrickscorner

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