Friday, May 3, 2019

Fuchsia Cuttings As Fast As I Can

To test out the greenhouse, it's location in terms of light and shade, the temperature, humidity, etc.  I first wanted to try cutting of other plants I knew I could make hundreds of cuttings of and not sweat it if I had to replace them.  I've been able to make over 2,000 cuttings in the last week and all are doing far better than I have ever had cuttings do before.  So I am very optimistic right now!
So today I am starting in on the fuchsia cultivars.  Beginning with Chang, Burgundian, Fanfare, Popple Corn, and Lottie Hobby.  And then on from there!  Most of the fuchsias won't be ready until it is too hot to ship them, unless I am able to purchase a means of protecting them.  But they could also be shipped when it cools down in the fall and before it gets too cold again.

Here is Chang, one of my favorites.

Please help me be able to stay and monitor thousands of cuttings.  Small batches of plants in such a wide variety cannot be taken care of with automated misting.  Plus, the windows and doors to the new little greenhouse are not automated.  You can help just by following and sharing.  Mothers Day is coming up and I have lots of items available made from the lavender I grow.  The links to my internet shops are on the right hand side of the blog.  Thank-you!

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