Sunday, October 14, 2018

Help Bring My Sister Home

I started a GoFundMe campaign for my sister Phoebe.  She was born and raised in Santa Cruz and would really like to come back home, but she is stuck in northern California where there are no jobs and few places to live.  The area is so rural she can't even make the money needed to move anywhere, let alone back to Santa Cruz.  She has an rv that needs to be towed and stored.  She has a vehicle that needs repairs.  And she has a job offer.
Now we just need to get her here!

Facebook will not let me pay to boost a post that is linked to GoFundMe.
But they will let me boost a post from my blog.

And I have posted a link to the GoFundMe campaign here on the blog.

So I need you to go to my page for PedricksCorner and look for the post about Phoebe and the GoFundMe post. 
Even if you can't donate, you can like and SHARE the post!
Your friends cannot see that you like the post unless you share it.
Please, this is how posts go "viral", it is from people taking a second to share the posts they see.

If you donate, you will see updates to how the campaign is going and I will be certain to post about our success if we are able to get this done.

Here is a photo of Phoebe when she was on the women's swim team at Cabrillo College in 1993.

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