Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pedrick's Progress

Here are a few photos of the nursery as it progressed through the year. This first one is from April 2008. The flowers are an ivy geranium. A family member had purchased one and her response to my statement that I didn't like them, was to stuff a piece of it into the soil of my blueberry. It grew. I chopped it back and planted the cuttings on a whim instead of tossing them down the hillside. Now they are helping to raise funds to purchase the rooting trays for the true direction of the nursery. Internet sales of rooted cuttings.
This one is from May 2008. The nursery is a bit bigger. You can see my Cosmos in bloom. They were supposed to keep the gophers away and I was going to sow the seed from these all over the hillside. The gophers can't get into my plants because they are all in pots. But the soil is moist where my plants are and easier for them to dig in. So they do! And tip over plants in the pots. My friend who owns the land planted them in the ground. The gophers promptly ate them.

Here we are in July! Can't see any fuchsia's? Ha, ha! All of this is to raise money to purchase supplies while the fuchsia stock grows big enough to be able to cut and propigate on a regular basis without desimating the plant. To purchase potting soil, 15 gallon pots for the stock plants, fertilizer, and eventually, those rooting trays I mentioned. Each tray has 98 cones and are made of hard plastic. The cuttings will form nice little cone shaped root systems, perfect for shipping without pots.
The hope is to not have to grow and sell anything in pots. Pots full of dirt and plants are heavy!! It ain't easy lugging one gallon plants 6 at a time, up a hill to take to the market. And them putting back the ones that don't sell..... This is supposed to be a small business I can still manage to do when I am older, ha, ha!
To date, I have 45 varieties of fuchsia's. I hope to increase that.
Soon I will have photos of the plant that I really want to collect, grow, and propigate. Even if you search the internet for them, you will not see very many varieties because few people know about them and so few collect them. Yet!!
Want to know what it is???

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