Friday, June 1, 2018

Fuchsia splendens

Here is the smallest of three big Fuchsia splendend attempting to take over and being photo bombed by a Cistus flower with a native California Catalina Mallow in the background.  And you can't see him, but an Anna's hummingbird is vigourously defending all three from the Rufous who just show up for the summers.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Crash Course in Dreamweaver CS5.5

I have been working through a "Classroom" in a book for Dreamweaver CS5.5, which although it is not the newest version of Dreamweaver, it is in a language I can handle.  The newere websites require a whole new language!

And although I am learning a great deal, yesterday I decided I had better jump ahead to the portion on how to connect ones website to it's server.  Not as simple as writing a blog!  I gave my pc away and this laptop had never had to connect to the server.  So it didn't have the information I needed and I could not get it to work yesterday before I had to go to my job. 
And this really needed to be accomplished in order to post updates to the website!

Today, I have to thank the tech support at GoDaddy for being patient with me and being awesome at answering my questions.  All these little boxes to fill in and I didn't understand what went where!

The long and short of it is, I was able to make the connection and update the home page for the website.  Now I can relax in my efforts to learn how to upgrade the website, like fixing that banner, and get down to making cuttings!

If all goes well, I get to spend the month of May focusing on making thousands of cuttings, coddling some new Fuchsia boliviana 'alba' seeds into growing (so excited!) and get the field of lavender weeded before it blooms.  As growing lavender and making it into lavender wands is the only way I can both finance this new effort to get the nursery going again and be able to be here to watch over thousands of sensitive fuchsia cuttings as they root!

So if you want to buy heirloom fuchsias such as Rose of Castille, Voodoo, and Sundial, stay tuned and maybe even buy some lavender items!  Thanks!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Can't Give Up!

I do not know how I am going to do it, or if I will be able to do it.
But I have decided that I cannot give up on the hope of growing upright fuchsia varieties for sale.
The number one thing that has stood in my way these last six years has been the necessity of being able to monitor fresh cuttings until they are rooted.

I don't know how many times now, that I have made thousands of cuttings, only to have to abandon them to work elsewhere.

At first, I am going to focus on the old standards.  The basic simple reds and blues that  grow so vigorously.  And a few of the non-hybridized species.

Even this though, is weeks away from being able to happen since it is vital that I tend to the lavender first.

If you are inclined to help in the hopes of seeing me be able to offer small rooted starts again, then please help my other blog get noticed.  And click through to my Etsy store from the Pedricks page
Help me help others to get noticed.  I am not asking you to buy anything.
All I am asking you to do is "follow" the blogs, the twitter, the Pinterest, and the Facebook pages.
Click on the links.  Especially please click on the links to my Etsy store Pedricks

Clicking on links, following, "liking" posts, all of these things strengthen search engine connections and increase the possibility of coming up in a search.  Website analytics literally tell me exactly where each and every click came from and what people were searching for.

In order for me to have hope of getting the fuchsia nursery started back up, I need to have the income from the lavender.  Because then I can be at the nursery to monitor young cuttings and rooted starts.

I also need to rebuild the website for PedricksCorner so it can handle all of the new technology out there.  That takes time and is something I could do and still be here to take care of the fuchsias.