Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Lavender June 2012

I am so excited!  My new field of lavender has been growing beautiful long stemmed new flowers this spring and are finally beginning to show some color.  It will be at least another month or two before they are mature enough to begin making lavender wands again.  The flowers cannot be too young are they will not dry out inside the basket woven at the end of the wand.  And if the stems are too young, they won't dry into a straight handle.  If they are too mature, they will break instead of bend when I make them into the basket around the flower heads.
So you can see why they can only be made during a short period of time each year!
I am really looking forward to making wands again.  And this year I have a few more colors of ribbon to work with.  Like "plum", "wine", and "fuchsia."
This photo is actually from two years ago, the current lavender flowers are not quite this open yet :)
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