Monday, May 28, 2012

Updating Website With Current Inventory

Finally got the inventory done so I can move on to getting the photos of the fuchsias onto the new website along with the PayPal buttons so people can place orders.
That is the focus for today and until it is done.  This is a one person operation and there is much to do!
It is a limited inventory due to the move last year and all of the damage from this winter.  Many of them needed to be reserved to replace lost stock.  But I am hoping people will bear with me and place orders.
As soon as the website is all up to date, the focus will be planting a new inventory with over 250 varieties!!

For now, I am not going to put the Lavender Wands onto the website, as the inventory on those are getting low and they can all be found on at my "Pedricks" store.  All the long stemmed English Lavender here is in full bloom and I can't wait to start making them again!  But I must wait until the flowers are done blooming, have begun to dry a bit, and the stems are firm enough to become a wand.  This year I have a few new colors of ribbon to work with, like 'plum', 'fuchsia', and 'wine'.  :)
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