Monday, May 14, 2012

May 2012 New Beginnings

I am going to try and post here more often.  As well as on our Facebook page.  It has been getting most of my attention :) and I need to remember to share updates here in the blog.
All of the stock plants are finally beginning to bloom and I am hoping to replace all of the previous photos with new ones from here, the new location for Pedricks Corner.
It was a difficult move.  What the gophers and deer didn't eat, froze!  So the current inventory is a bit thin.

And it was necessary to build a new website myself using DreamWeaver CS5.5 because Microsoft Office Live is shutting down.  A very time consuming process, since I had to learn a great deal first.  And am happy to say that the new website is up and running!  The old one is still functional, but not for long.
Meanwhile, I am determined to get an inventory done, and all of the new PayPal buttons put onto the new website asap.
                                           This is a recent photo of 'Jack Sieverns' who has proved he is a vigorous upright!
I hope people will assist a small one person enterprise move forward with an order of lavender wands, cineraria's, or Jerusalem Artichoke plants in the meantime.  Thanks!
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