Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gartenmeister Bonstedt

'Gartenmeister Bonstedt' is one upright hardy fuchsia I was determined NOT to grow. I really didn't like it. But it has grown on me, ha, ha! Many people know what a truly hardy bush this one is. Summer heat and winter cold. It can freeze to ground level, but if the base of the plant and it's roots are protected, it will come right back up in the spring. So I have it now, along with some 'Leather Ferns' that have been protecting it's base for years. The one in the photo is from a cutting I took last year and then neglected. It lived anyway though! And now I am taking good care of them. I like orange, in small amounts or in hints of orange, along with other shades. This one is a bit too orange for me.....
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