Saturday, February 6, 2010


'Voodoo' has been in my yard for over a decade. It is almost as tall as me and grew out of it's container and put roots down into the soil years ago. It would be even bigger if I wasn't constantly cutting off large chunks of it to keep it out of the two walk ways that it borders. Of course, it has survived many a hot summer out in the full sun and many a freezing cold winter. If you go to and read the fuchsia forum there, you will see what this winters freezes did to my 'Billie Green' and 'F. boliviana's! 'Voodoo' didn't have any damage at all! And as usual, never stopped blooming. If you can't wait to see a photo of the entire bush, you can always visit DavesGarden or my website. Aren't these blossoms incredible? Just imagine a big bush full of them! That is what I get to see every morning.
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