Friday, February 19, 2010

Amber Rose - Bush

'Amber Rose' is would be best cascading over the sides of a wall, large container, or down the sides of a slope. It's growth pattern is dense and slow, so if it is used as a hanging basket, it would be best in areas where one intends it to live in that container for years to come. I have chosen 'Amber Rose' to be one of my first efforts at bonsai. I have a beautiful and simple clay oval bonsai pot I set aside for years, thinking about what I wanted to use it for. I planted two starts of 'Amber Rose' in it and have begun to twine the trunks together inside of a curled wire support. In the end, it will look somewhat like the carved jade bonsai statues one sees. Only this one will have these cute little colorful blossoms dangling from the tips of it's branches. To watch it's progress, check out the Fuchsia Forum at! The bush in this photo is two years old and in a five gallon container.
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