Sunday, November 29, 2009


'Harlequin' is a delightful tiny purple flowered upright fuchsia. This isn't the best photo, I hope you can see the red marbling in the skirt. It has a bit of a fine growth habit and I believe it suffered from being transplanted into too large a container right in the middle of a heat wave, because it has lagged behind the others purchased at the same time. But now that the weather has cooled off, it is growing very rapidly. So it was filling it's container with roots all of this time and is now ready to get going! I know I keep saying this, but it is true, I am looking forward to seeing this one as a larger bush. Sometimes, what appears to be fine and delicate, turns out to be huge and sturdy. F. magellanica is a good example of what appears to be thin little branches turning into a bush almost large enough to be called a tree. And it can put out new branches that grow up to six feet in one year, like the canes of a rose bush! So we will see if this one can do the same.
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