Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chiquita Maria

'Chiquita Maria' is a beautiful well rounded bush growing under my nectarine tree. So it doesn't get as much sun as most of my fuchsias. Yet it is always in bloom. It does get some full late afternoon sun. And allot of full sun once the trees lose their leaves. I have made some smaller ones from it and they are doing just fine out in the full sun. I've had this variety for several years now, so I know it is also capable of surviving short freezes.

There is one quality about fuchsias I have been meaning to mention, snails don't like them!!! Snails and slugs will chew up everything around them, but I have never had any damage to any of my fuchsias from snails or slugs. And here on the central coast of California, snails and slugs are a year round problem!
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