Thursday, November 5, 2009


'Chang' is one of the first varieties of upright fuchsia I went looking for years ago when I decided to seriously begin adding varieties to my tiny collection at the time. It was always one of my favorites for several reasons. The first one being, of course, that it was an upright. Secondly, that is had the simple single blossoms I prefer. And thirdly because fushsias with orange coloring were a bit more unusual than most. It has a bad reputation in some books as being difficult to grow. And that is what I was expecting. Now I have to wonder what those people were doing wrong. Because I have found it to be a vigirous upright growing much faster than all of the others around it, except for Mood Indigo, Billie Green, and Burgundian. Then I thought perhaps they were refering to a difficulty in propagation. But there again, I haven't experienced any problems. In terms of the weather, it is another heat champion. What remains to be seen is if it is cold hardy. As it is supposed to be. When viewing the second photo, remember it was a 2" start when I bought it in May of this year. And I have used it to make cuttings four times already by now. I am certain it is going to be a much bigger bush than the 1.5 feet listed at one source.

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