Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cambridge Louis

'Cambridge Louis' is going to be a compact bush covered with lots of these cute little flowers. The summer heat wave slowed it down a bit. When a plant is grown in full sun, it will grow more compact than it otherwise would. And sometimes this also causes the growth to appear to slow down. This one probably would have benefited from being transplanted sooner, so it would have had time to adjust. But it is doing very well now. The cool full sunshine of November enables upright fuchsias in the full sun to put out allot of growth and produse masses of flowers. Many of them will continue to bloom right through the winter. Much slower of course, but here in zone 9, I can expect to have color year round on many of my fuchsia bushes. My fellow fuchsia collectors at are reporting the same in our new Fushsia Forum there. Even in zones as cold as zone 6! Until there is danger of freezing, these guys will keep at it!
This photo was taken a month after being transplanted from a 2" start and before being transplanted into a 5 gallon container in the full sun. So the next time you see it, he will be quite a bit larger.
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