Sunday, May 3, 2009

Working on that website!

Where was I last weekend? Well, a friend came by and took so many stunning photos of the stock plants in bloom, that I spent hours and hours looking at all of them over and over again!
Not all of the varieties were in bloom, as I have been busy making cuttings from them ;-)
But he has given me allot to work with for the website!
Here are two samples of what is to come. This fellow below is one of my all time favorites, Vinegar Jo. I have always loved the small and simple flowers the best.
The is a shot of my ground cover, Isotoma or Star Creeper. I just love these cute and tiny little blue flowers carpeting the ground. I hope to have it covering all of the ground around the base of all of the stock plants. I hope he doesn't mind me posting two of his photos before he's had a chance to edit them. I was just so happy he took this shot. And that little touch of sunlight makes it an award winner in my book!
So keep your eyes peeled, ha, ha, the website for Pedricks Corner is on it's way!
Now, I have cuttings to get planted..................

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