Sunday, April 5, 2009

Orchid Love and Graduation Day

Well, it is way late on Sunday night, so this is a quick one!
Diane's tray of fuchsia's is now one week old and doing well as you can see below. My digital photography skills weren't my best today, I was rushing around trying to do too much again.
But toon in next week for their third week and I will have a much better photo for you.
It was graduation day for the first cuttings which are now 7 weeks old. They have a new home and no longer require the automatic misting system to keep them moist. They are well rooted, but still need protection from the sun. Actually, the wind is a constant concern. It pulls the water out of the leaves faster than their new root systems can cope with. So for now, they will stay under their new tent.
And yes, I will be looking forward to a nice strawberry crop! These are new shoots from another wall of them you can't see :-)
Have you ever wondered what all the fuss was about when it comes to orchids? Yes, the flowers are beautiful, but for just about any particular orchid, it could be argued that there are other flowers just as colorful, unusual, etc.
What I find the most stricking about orchids is how incredibly long their flowers last!!
This photo was taken today of my Elfin King. If you remember from my previous posts, this orchid has been in bloom since January!!!

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