Thursday, June 1, 2017

They are back!

Kudos to PayPal for saving my buttons and making it so easy to make new ones!  The nerve wracking part was figuring out where exactly to insert their code into the code for my pages.  But I did and they work!
FREE SHIPPING on sets of 10 wands in all four sizes at 50% off of the per each price.
Please help me get this train back on track.  Even if you have no interest in lavender, you can help me get the word out there by visiting the site and clicking on links to my other sites and to my Etsy store.
This strengthens search engine connections and helps me show up in searches!

I would really love to add PayPal buttons for fuchsias again, and if that is going to happen, I need to sell some lavender.
One of the guys from the Shark Tank was on the Harry Connick Show advising entrepreneurs and he said the number one way to reach customers is via Social Media.  So if you are inclined to share, I would be most grateful!

Lavender Wands

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