Saturday, June 3, 2017

New Page - Lavender Sock Dolls

   Whew!  Three manuals on Dreamweaver CS3 and I have CS5 and it took hours to relearn how to add a page to my side menu.  Of course, the books assume you already know a great deal more than I do, ha, ha.  And Adobe is no longer supporting the software that my program uses for making the slide out menus, so I couldn't ask them for help.
   So a great deal of time was spent clicking on this to see what happens, and then clicking on that to see what happens.  And being careful NOT to save anything during this process.  In my desperate attempt to figure out where the +/- box on my "property manager" for my "spry asset" was.
   Anyway.  So I finally get the page made and inserted into the menu and uploaded to the server and I go to make my new PayPal buttons for my Lavender Filled SockDolls.  Everything is going fine, but every time I inserted the code, I got a "broken" link message.
   Are you bored to death yet?
   The long and short of it all is that I now know how to make new pages and add them.  Which I truly hope is going to be a necessary talent in the coming months and years as I rebuild my fuchsia nursery and add them back onto the site along with my ceramics and other arts.
   Here is the new page:  Lavender SockDolls

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