Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Working on the website!

  I have been relearning basic website design as fast as I can!  It is complicated!  I could not figure out why my DreamWeaver program kept uploading files to the wrong folders on the server.  The server is the place that publishes your website, so to speak.  And it has to have all of the necessary files.
  So every time you make changes, you have to upload them to the server.
  And every time I did this, they would wind up in the wrong place.
  Today I relearned why and fixed it.
  Plus, I updated the shipping page, the Species page, the Gift Shop page, and most important for now, the Lavender Wands page.
  I have not yet added PayPal buttons so you can make purchases of lavender wands directly from the website.  But that is next!  It involves inserting code into very specific places.  Makes me nervous!  Because I am not proficient in html code.
 Meanwhile, here is the update page:  LavenderWands.html

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