Saturday, June 30, 2012

'Yolanda Franck' 2012

'Yolanda Franck' is proving to be a great addition to my upright fuchsia collection with vigorous and definite upward growth.  I am looking forward to seeing how high she can grow out here in the full sun of zone 9b.  All of the uprights would get taller in the shade, but I want to show that they are not just for the shade or even semi-shade.  The only time I have seen them damaged by the sun is if it is hot enough to even singe my roses.  And then, just like the roses, they grow out of it.  They need more water than roses and only good size plants should be grown out in the full sun.  If you are starting with small plants, then transplant them as early in the spring as possible or late fall when temperatures have begun to cool down and they can grow a good root system before the next spring.  A large healthy root system is vital to any plant growing out in the full sun.
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