Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is busting out all over here!

We had spell of freezing weather that put snow on the hills behind me and had me runnning up and down the hillside of the nursery, scrambling to gather plant material from each and every stock plant. All 219 varieties of fuchsias, as well as a few other plants. So at least some of each would be safe from freezing if it got that bad.

The good news is, all of it got turned into cuttings and now, over a week later, they all appear to be doing very well!

The other good news is, cherries LOVE freezing temps in the winter! I have two varieties, one is a Bing. I forget the name of the second one, but it is the necessary cross polinator. Most years, it doesn't start to bloom at the same time as the Bing. So many of the Bing blossoms go unpollinated.

This year, they are both in perfect step and are both busting out all over! If all goes well, I will be begging people to take gallon bags of cherries. This year, I'd like to get a cherry pitter and try drying some of them. And make some cherry jam! I've been working on a Celiac Recipe book up in SkyDrive. It is public and free to anyone with a Windows Live ID. Not much there now. It is definately a work in progress. The first entry was a Lemon pudding pie with a crust I concocted from dried fruits and nuts.

A second pie, yet to be added, had a dried cherry and dark chocolate crust with a fresh coconut pudding for the filling. So, you see, I am going to be needing dried cherries LOL!
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