Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quasar - Bush

'Quasar' is often grown in hanging baskets, but I prefer it as an upright. It creates a mounding shrub which contrasts well with all of the giants I've got growing this year! Even 'Vinegar Joe' is surprising me with it's height. Many of the uprights I added to the collection last year, which I purchase in little 2" bands, are taking off like rockets this spring. I had transplanted almost all of them into five gallon containers by fall of last year, just in time for winter. Most of them barely made it to the rim of their containers. Now those same ones are making me decide who needs to go into 15 gallon containers first! 'Sundial', 'Convention 2004', 'Ain't She Sweet', and 'Lottie Hobby' will be followed closely by 'Sylvia Barker', 'Margery Blake', and 'Carmen Maria'.

I admit this photo of 'Quasar' is from last year. But it is doing just as well this year and is currently covered with big white flower buds. When those pop open, I will certainly be taking a new photo!
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