Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magellanica molinae - Bush

'Magellanica molinae,' like 'F. lycioides', is a fuchsia species not a hybrid. And like 'Lycioides', it can get really big. The first time I saw it, was as a bush that went up to the second story of a house in Capitola, California. The one I have in my collection is over 12 years old and would be much bigger right now if it hadn't been used as a jungle gym for my teenage cats when they were learning to climb. I had to severely prune it back afterwards to reform it. They broke branches that were two inches across!! Besides it being the main hang out of resting hummingbirds, I love the huge numbers of cascading little flowers with just a hint of blue in their corolla. The bark has interest as well. It has an outer layer which is flaky and very different from other barks. At least I know that no matter how much damage the kittens did, I could count on this one to produce new shoots at least six feet tall in the spring. Rivaling any new cane a rose could put out. They also make great additions to floral arrangements. That is a vase of cut 'Magellanica molinae' I use as my photo id for this blog! I am also using a row of them as a future hedge to provide shade for new fuchsia starts. I had heard about fuchsias being used as hedges and it is going very well so far. I'll post photos of it when it has gotten a bit taller and filled in more.
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