Friday, March 26, 2010

Lycioides - Bush

'Lycioides' is a species with it's own Section in the categories fuchsia species are seperated into. And it is the only variety in Section Kierschlegeria! It can get very big if allowed to and produces thousands of these little red flowers in bunches all along it's branches. Especially if grown in good soil and in an area where the roots will be cool but the foliage gets plenty of full sun. The flowers are followed by little black currant sized berries which taste a bit like a cross between raisins and figs when they are ripe. But this doesn't mean it isn't still blooming, because in some areas, like zone 9, it is always in bloom. This is the one the hummingbirds visit the most, especially just before it gets dark. Like a good snack before bed time. I plan on planting a hedge of these, just as I have down with F. magellanica. Because of three qualities. Their ability to grow tall, the small leaves which will lend themselves well to creating a dense wall, and the small flowers which will fill in that dense wall. I'll be certain to post photos of the results both here and at DavesGarden. And my website of course ;-)
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