Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Swanley Gem

'Swanley Gem' is a small compact bush which would probably get bigger if it was in partial shade instead of the full sun. As how big a bush is going to grow is not just a matter of how long the growing season is in your area, or how cold it is going to get in the winter. The full sun will cause denser growth and sometimes even smaller flowers. Many plants can appear to be completely different varieties or even species just by the dramatic differences in their form due to the conditions they are growing in. Since one of my goals is to show that upright fuchsias are fit to grow out in the full summer sun if properly cared for, I don't mind the side affect of the denser growth and somewhat smaller flowers on some. It adds interest to the collection to have various bushes of different heights and forms. I really like the flared simple skirt on this one and how the violet becomes scarlet at the base of each petal.
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