Monday, January 18, 2010

San Leandro

'San Leandro' looks allot like Rubeo, but the flower is much bigger and the colors are different. The bush has a more upright form to it and the leaves are very different. Sometimes photos can be deceiving. Especially with fuchsias because the flowers change colors as they mature. So two photos of different stages can appear to be the same flower when they are not. And two photos of the same flower can appear to be two different fuchsias! Which is why it is my intention to do my best to document not just close ups of the flowers as one finds on most other websites, but to also document the entire bush. And perhaps even close ups of the leaves. I have mentioned this before, but it is important. The leaves of the different varieties of fuchsias are as distinctive as their flowers and the trained eye can identify a variety even when it is not blooming. 'San Leandro' is one of my favorites. This photo shows you how much the colors can change!
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