Sunday, January 17, 2010


'Rubeo' is a borderline upright, such as 'Quasar' and 'Temptation.' Well worth having in a collection of uprights though. The different forms and heights add interest. They just need to be pruned into more upright positions. Which also lends them well to being trained as bonsai trees. And they can always be allowed to drape a bit over the sides of a large container or wall. Personally, I try to keep them from blooming close to the ground because young hummingbirds are not always as cautious as they ought to be. The cats keep gophers from destroying the upright fuchsias in the ground, but it makes me very sad when they occasionally catch a young hummingbird. Since my collection provides for the hummingbirds year round, at least I know they are able to raise many more young. The adults are well aware of the cats and almost seem to enjoy teasing them!
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