Thursday, January 14, 2010

Royal Robe

'Royal Robe' has wonderful colors! I am really, really looking forward to seeing this one become a full sized bush. So far, it is doing very well. It was one of the last little 2" starts I purchased late last summer right before a heat wave. Which is weathered very well. And it has made it through the freezes this winter with flying colors. As an experiment, I got an idea from a thread in the Fuchsia Forum called "Companion Plants." I have viola's naturalized all over here. I am always delighted to see what new color combo is going to pop up. And they have come up in almost all of the new fuchsia varieties I planted last summer. Sometimes they have grown larger than the little new fuchsias themselves! But I left them in there as winter protection! The viola's didn't seem to mind the freezes at all. And they kept the little new guys safe. 'Royal Robe' is one of those which benefited from a surrounding cover of viola's this winter.
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