Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rohees New Millennium

'Rohees New Millennium' appears to be one of those which will need to be pruned into growing as an upright bush. But that may not be true. When I purchased this one, it had been pinched the way they do hanging baskets fuchsias. Which causes allot of lateral growth instead of upright growth. I know I have mentioned this before. It is just irritating that most fuchsia growers treat all of their starts the same, and in the process, practically ruin the uprights. If they did that to fruit trees, people would be angry about getting bushes instead of trees because the main trunk would be ruined from the beginning. For now, this one has all of it's branches going sideways. And I don't want to prune that growth until it has gotten bigger. Tying them up just creates a mess and shouldn't be necessary at all. The blossoms on this one though, will make the wait worth while!
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