Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Preston Guild

'Preston Guild' is the "flag ship" fuchsia of Pedricks Corner! For those of you who have been to the website, you know this is the fuchsia used in the logo. Gee, it must be my favorite! What can I say. It is an upright with simple white and blue flowers. Now, does it have a good tasking berry? You might be surprised to learn that I have not yet tried one. I'll let you know this coming spring. I lost the original to gophers, but like Pink Pearl and Mood Indigo, I had made cuttings. There is now a new large bush, but it hasn't been given much of a chance to bloom yet because I have been making more cuttings from it. I can report though, that it is a summer heat champion and so far, a freezing winter champion. The freeze that fried Billie Green didn't damage 'Preston Guild' at all. Last, but not least, this is also one I am training as a bonsai.
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