Saturday, January 2, 2010

Orange Crush

'Orange Crush' lives up to it's name. Makes me feel like walking down to the corner market to get an ice-cream. I love the long creamy peach/orange flowers on this one. And it is a strong grower as well. It is also one of the fuchsias I am experimenting with growing as indoor blooming houseplants. So far, one of the little cuttings I rooted from this bush is doing so well that it is about to bloom and is a foot high already! If you'd like to see it's progress, go to and read the fuchsia forum there we got started in September of 2009. That is where I post photos on the progress of various cuttings and other projects. Like my bonsai fuchsias. Yes, bonsai fuchsias! There is even a website devoted to fuchsias as bonsai.
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